A Statement of Support for Striking Canvass Workers

We the undersigned, members of the Twin Cities community, write to state our support for the striking canvass workers at Sisters’ Camelot; and in order to hold the organization’s decision-making collective accountable to the community, we urge them to do what is right and negotiate with the union.  We recognize that the canvassers have Sisters’ Camelot’s best interest in mind and support their decision to unionize; workers everywhere have the right to organize their workplace.  Doing so is not an attack on the collective, the organization or its mission.  As a community, we are aware that the canvassers of Sisters’ Camelot must be recognized as an organized union.  We feel this recognition is vital to progressive change for Sisters’ Camelot.

We support and encourage an open negotiation in good faith between the collective and the Canvassers Union.  We insist that all personal matters be put aside;  as a community of onlookers, we are aware of the personal issues involved and can see that is it having a negative impact on the organization’s mission. By refusing to negotiate with the canvass union and then firing a union worker, it has become clear that the collective management of Sisters’ Camelot are not allowing the organization to move forward. We recognize that canvassers are the medium which Sisters’ Camelot uses to communicate with the wider world and cannot see a future for Sisters’ Camelot without them.

We recognize that Sisters’ Camelot’s programming represents a spirit of unconditional compassion and acceptance to the community in which it serves;  it represents community outreach and support;  it represents forward-thinking activism that decreases waste and hunger.  An organization like this is scarce, and we are aware it cannot be created or destroyed overnight.  As a community, we stand behind the Sisters’ Camelot Canvass Union and feel that the demands and actions of the canvassers are in the spirit of Sisters’ Camelot’s mission and values.  We wish to stand together, and ask that Sisters’ Camelot continues living up to these values by negotiating, compromising, re-hiring and re-evaluating what a community truly means.

As a community, we urge the following action:

1)  Re-hiring the fired union worker:  these actions have no place in the resolution of a labor dispute.

2)  Negotiate in good faith with the canvassers of Sisters’ Camelot: so that they can end the strike and continue supporting its mission of “feeding the hungry and inspiring the world.”

We sign this document, as a community, to re-iterate that we too stand by Sisters’ Camelot and its mission statement and hope to see it thrive for years to come.

To add your name to the list of supporters, email SistersCamelotCanvassUnion@gmail.com with the name you would like to be listed as. Please include any title you’d like to see alongside your name; and if you’re not from the Twin Cities, please let us know where you’re from. Thank you!

Nicole Larson (author)
Travis Erickson
Jake Bell
Arella Vargas
Jim McGuire
Heidi Hammond
Jason Evans
Quinn Josiah
Linda Leighton
David Sundeen
David Vavreck
Sam Adams
Jake Schlagel
April Streich
Andy Swenson
Claire Luger
Shawn Howard
Mike Wilklow
David Boehnke
Ryan Carey
Syndicalist (Mike Harris)
Meg Kosowski
Daniel Davis
Eugene Lerner
Christopher Simmerman
Brandon Lentz
Anne Benson
Betty Tisel
Erik Davis
Leah Bowe
Hallie Wallace
Kieran Knutson
Sam Green
Zoe Christianson
James Duke
Liberte Locke, Starbucks Union, NYC
Peter Rachleff
Nikolaus Maier
Justin Leaming
Mike L., Wobbly and Pizza Hut worker
Michele Rockne
حسن يحيى (Hassan Yahya Patterson)
Scott Barnard
Charngchi Way, Boston, MA
Monty Flinsch
Maxime Berclaz
Sam Richards, LNJ Radio Network
Micah Buckley-Farlee
Emily Wilson-Barnard
Thomas Henry, UFCW
Neil Youmans
Mark Cunningham, Halifax NS, Canada
Josh Deeds, Columbus, OH
Lou Rinaldi, Providence RI
Craig Drehmel
Brian Romain
Emiliano Silva
Tony Shephard, UK
Corrina McCarron
Nathan Paulsen
Wild Rose Collective, Iowa City, IA
Michael Filkins
Leroy L. Duncan
Juan Conatz
Joe Giwoyna
Funky K
Nate Hawthorne
Aaron Kocher
Nick S., Tampa, FL IWW
Morgan Brannigan, Newry, Ireland
Katie Reinert
Edwin Rollins, St. Louis, MO
Ben Atterbery
Scott Nappalos
Rhys Harrison, UK
Matt Meister, Akron, OH
Ramona, libcom.org collective, UK
Derek Johnson, Tampa, FL IWW
Jayson Bletcher, Food and Retail Workers United I.U. 460
Steve Ongerth
Ryan Smith
Lynn O’Brian
Steven Holmes
Robert Wood, UAW Local 2865
Anny Cullum, Bristol, UK
Anneke Haku
Morgan Soderberg
Ben Tighe
Mary F. Larson
Susannah McCarthy
Maximilian Hanson
John Drucker
Daniel DeVoe
Christina Wells
Elizabeth Murray
Amy Smith
Wayne Bailey
Kristine Smith
Damian Garner
Devin Williams
Rhys Williams
Gabrielle Morris
Peter Simmons
Mary Thurow
John Thurow
Marianne Houle
Richard Chanty
Susan Phillips
Curtis Albrecht
Philip Mahlstadt
Lindsey Stadsklev
Stefanie Steele
Angela Brewer
Eric Borlaug
Toddie Tastad
Sharon Larsen, Gainesville, FL
Professor Noam Chomsky, Cambridge, MA
Binyamin Alan, Montana
Jim Evangelista
Jim Davis, Billings, Montana
Gaël Morin, Montréal, Canada
Jenny Siege
FW Richard Stephenson, Wichita IWW
David Feldmann, St. Louis IWW
James Hallberg, Viroqua, WI
Brian L. Chaffin, AFSCME Local 151
Debbra Myers
Adam Weaver
Stephen D’Arcy, London, ON
Will Reid, London, ON
Jeff Jones
Joel Gosse, Madison, WI
George M. Anthony
Kris Humbird, Portland, OR
Jim Dixon
Frank Kennett
Anthony Dembowski, IWW, Cleveland OH
Ant Ince, Komoro, Japan
Holly Krig
Marty Scire, Baltimore IWW
Gray, Providence, RI
James Schmidt
Sean Carleton, IWW, London, UK
Beth Shapiro
Gayge Operaista, New Haven, CT
Roger B., Sarasota, FL
Hardy Coleman
Frank Johnson
Gary Gagner
Leila Labyad
William Greger
William Mathews
Timothy J. Leach
Jennette Flynn
Sean Maguire
AC, Baltimore IWW
Joshua Keogh, Baltimore IWW
Kenneth Yate, Richmond, VA IWW
J. Robbie Robson, Jimmy John’s Workers Union
Elliot Hughes
Sarah Sosa, AFSCME Local 2822
Erik Forman, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Eric Fink, Greensboro, NC IWW
Andy Larson, Richfield, MN
Marc J. Mancini, Pittsburgh, PA -UFCW, IWW
Joe Golowka, IWW member
Eli Meyerhoff
Deirdre Cunningham
AFSCME Local 3800
AFSCME Local 2822
Dek Keenan, Edinburgh, Scotland
Jessica Hayssen
Eleonore Wesserle
Dean Ayotte, IWW, Bristol (UK)
AFSCME Council 5
Albuquerque IWW
Claire Thomas
John Kalwaic
Juan Arana
ATU Local 1005
Patrick Western, West Virginia
Aubrey Richard Wanliss-Orlebar, Paris, France
Matt Hartschloss, Leeds, UK
Dean Zitzewitz, Chicago, IL
Chanda Erickson, New Braunfels, Texas